63 YEAR OLD ARTHRITIC FEMALE LOVES IT! GREAT CONCEPT. GREAT PRODUCT.My Work needs: I must work at the computer 8 hours or more a day. My health needs: I have fibromyalgia, had a hip replacement 6 months ago and arthritis in both knees. These 2 needs do NOT go together and I am always behind in one of them. I shopped around and this product was the only one priced in a range where if it didn't work for me-- it was OK. Also I already had a treadmill that was not getting much use. I got the TrekDesk in about a week. It came in a very large box. I de-boxed it no problem and put it all together myself with no help at all.... leisurely and slowly, a few hours. I even moved it to the treadmill and made the adjustments all alone. I do have my own drill and I am handy with tools. But I think anyone with basic tool knowledge who can follow the pictures can do it just fine. The first day I got it, I put 1.5 miles on it and every day after that. I really can work on complex legal documents, email and use the phone. I'm building up to more time. 1 MPH is comfortable. I can work at home some days so it's great for those days. I'm so glad I did not let the negative feedback influence me. It is STURDY, just the right weight. I'm 5'6" and use the #4 height slot for my Nordic Track treadmill. I cannot fathom anyone regretting this purchase. Tip: DO use the drink cup. I put my water on the top and right away I hit it with my hand (I've done that even without a treadmill). It aint' the prettiest thing you've seen but it has fabulous bone structure and a great personality. I really like the paper stand accessory that comes with it. I would make the metal paper tray accessory optional. It's very heavy and I don't think many people would use it. I suggest a book holder accessory instead with a flexible arm.
- SBT (Amazon 5 Stars)