"Desk Job? You've Got to Get This! Quality / Price Factor is Unbeatable!. I have had a desk job for the past 5 years. I was feeling it: sore back, sciatic nerve pain, gained 15 pounds, lousy sleeping patterns, felt like a lump of clay when I went home every night. Nine hours a day dedicated to an early grave! I always promised myself I would start exercising regularly. But, like many people, I never chose to make that a priority. I finally started pursuing a treadmill with stand-up desk option after my doctor told me I was killing myself. I looked and looked for 6 months, never satisfied with either the quality or the price. Finally, last September, 2009, I found what I had been looking for, and I knew it instantly when I saw it. My TrekDesk arrived in early October, 2009. I had already found a high-quality treadmill in the want ads, one that sold for $2,500 new, but was being sold for $750. Deal! HINT: don't skimp on the quality of the treadmill you use; it's worth the effort to get the right one. I use a Precor USA and it is solid and quiet. I put together the TrekDesk with not too much difficulty. After speaking with the good folks at TrekDesk, giving them feedback, they told me they have greatly improved the assembly instructions process since I bought mine (I was one of the first buyers they had). Assembly instructions were my only complaint about this desk, be it very minor, but it sounds like they're taking care of that. Good people! The desk design and price combined are what sold me on this desk, and I haven't changed my mind. I love how you stand in the indent shape, with desk space to the left and right of you. I've mounted an external monitor to the wall, so I have two screens to work from. My customers never even notice I'm walking on the treadmill while I talk (provided that I'm using my headset and NOT the speaker phone). Anyone that complains about the desk's quality is just a whiner. Sure, it was not meant to be leaned upon much (or you get movement in the desk), nor is it a good idea to have it touching the treadmill (possible vibration from your feet landing on the treadmill deck). Neither of these issues HAVE to be issues because the desk is designed to stand alone, free from the treadmill. I actually disassembled the bars coming up from the treadmill, so my treadmill's control console is sitting up on the right-hand, front corner of the desk. It works wonderfully! The desk bears plenty of weight and I confess, I'm a clutter-bug! No complaints about any of the desk's functionality. The included accessories are perfect! Anyway, I was being laughed at by all my coworkers about this quest to walk all day as I worked, using the phone and the computer intensely. They said I couldn't walk and type or walk and talk without being compromised in focus or quality. Well, they're not laughing anymore! I've lost over 12 pounds and I haven't changed my eating habits one bit. I feel great! I walk, on average, about 7 miles per day. Taking into consideration that I have to sit in meetings and do other tasks away from my desk, that's quite respectable, I think. My posture is better, my focus is better, my energy with my customers is better, I love my job even more; there are no downsides to my choices here! None whatsoever! About the only time walking all day gets to be a drag is when I haven't walked much over the weekend (then Mondays are a little rough by 4PM), or when I've chosen to stay up late and not get much sleep; the following day is going to be a 4 to 5 mile day, that's all. I started tracking my actual walking patterns in December, 2009. Now it's a highlight to my day to see the numbers on my spreadsheet. The current log for me right now? Here goes: Actual days of walking (business days): 36 Total hours:minutes walked: 182:45 Average miles per day: 6.6 Average miles per hour: 1.3 I wish I had started logging this in October when I first set it up! I had bought a small, separate, sit-down desk when I first set this all up, anticipating the possible need to sit for part of the day. Well, in the average week, I only sit at that desk for maybe an hour or two. If you realized how much of a life-changer this would be for you, you would be buying this desk today and you would start your journey. TrekDesk is the best option I've seen out there, considering quality AND price. You can buy other desks that have more features (like electric motors for adjustable height), are more sturdy (although TrekDesk's desk is plenty sturdy if you use it right), etc., but you'll pay twice as much or more for it. This has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. When I go home I have no battle with the guilt of not exercising, because I did it all day and I feel great! The compliments from people who notice the difference is in no way a downside either! Buy this desk and start living again!!! Thanks, TrekDesk, you guys are great!."
- Jim (Orem, UT-Amazon.com 5 Stars)