I walked 7 miles todaySo the Trekdesk is a tall desk in a u-shape, and it sits over top of a regular treadmill. I bought the Trekdesk on Amazon and found a used treadmill on Craigs. I wanted to find a treadmill that was of good quality and would let me run and incline and all that, and so far i'm happy with the one I found. It was heavy as a mother and probably needs a routine tune up but it's working out so far. I walked 7 miles today. Drawbacks might include the fact that I feel really funny with other people around. Most days there is at least 1 other person in my office so i've had to accept that I look like a dork to them. I'm trying to compensate by being more of a corporate raider and demanding respect through fear instead of perceived coolness. I'll keep you posted on that one. I'm walking 2 miles an hour, and although it's a leisurely rate, my body does heat up a bit as I go. I have a room fan that balances the heat, but then i've got the noise of the fan and the noise of the treadmill making things a bit loud. At least 1/3 of my day is on the phone, and I am having a little bit of trouble hearing clearly, especially on conference calls. No one has complained that I sound noisy, so maybe it's a 1 way problem. In any case I'm looking for a new phone headset that has amplified volume control. Overall I'm really happy with my TrekDesk. The side to side stability that others have complained about is a non-issue for me.
- JH (Los Angeles, CA - Amazon 5 Stars