So the most helpful review so far is what kept me from getting this in the start. He was showing how it was so easy to shake the desk. So i held back, but a friend actually demoed this for his work and told me just to try it since amazon has a return policy. Im so happy i did. Im going to go over a few parts of this desk. Also i want to stress the person who gave this a negative review is just an idiot plain and simple. - Height - The desk works just fine. Im 6'2 and 190 and the desk is perfect for me. In fact i might need to raise it some. Be sure to figure out your height before you start putting stuff on because its a pain removing everything. - Width - The desk is the perfect size for me. Im using it right now at a slow walking speed. Right now i have 3 monitors hooked up to it and my desktop. I didnt use any of the extra accessories except using the cup holders both on one side for my tea/coffee and a cold drink. Its great. - Comfort - This is a big one people need to get. Buy a gel keyboard wristpad you can get them pretty cheap. Also get a mouse gel pad. Then just turn the mouse pad around and use the desk as your mouse area. It works perfectly for me. - Stability - This is the biggest one people are worried about and im doing just fine. To start it doesnt wobble or anything unless im vigorously shaking it, but this desk is not meant to be ran with. You just do a nice slow walk to burn an extra 1k calories a day. I also have my ps3 hooked up one of my 3 hdmi monitors and its great to just play borderlands 2 while standing and burning calories. Now when im playing certain comp games and i need that extra precession such as league of legends of a twitch based FPS well i tend to just stop the treadmill and play if im doing an hardcore online match and need to win. If im just playing a casual game i dont care that much and it works just fine. Extra Stuff - - I took off the top part of my treadmill and just put that head unit right in front of it so it rests perfectly. I can take a picture if needed. - I like to use mine barefoot to help strengthen my feet for it, plus it will help correct my posture even more. - The desk has a ton of screws to help stabilize it, so make sure to use an electric. I forgot i loaned my friend my electric and my hands/wrists suffered greatly that day. - I do think the desk should be priced at around 250 and the 400 is very high, but this company sorta has a monopoly on this product right now. So im sure they are milking it all the way. Closing Comment - I would recommend this desk to anyone that can use a desk and walk daily. I work 8 hours a day from home so this is perfect for me. Also a great quote a friend told me when i was hesitant to purchase this desk "don't think of yourself as wasting money, think of it as you investing in yourself. All the medical bills you'll save, how much longer you'll live, and how much better your overall standard of living will be for only a few hundred dollars". ALSO DONT LISTEN TO THAT WHINY GUYS POST ABOUT HOW IT SHAKES A TON. HE IS A BABY. IM SO ANGRY HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO PURCHASE THIS AND SUFFER IN THE LONG RUN FROM ONE PERSONS STUPIDITY ON INCORRECTLY USING THIS DESK.
- MP (Amazon 5 Stars)