BEST INVESTMENT SINCE BUYING A HOUSE: I bought my new trekdesk about a month ago. This tool is life altering. I am a busy, single working Mom who has NO time for exercise. As a former, self-proclaimed gym-rat, staying fit has always been important to me. Unfortunately, kids and career, which entails sitting in front of a computer all day every day from my home, has made exercise nearly impossible. Since baby #2, I just can't get the weight off unless I stop eating altogether. Enter trekdesk. I haven't been so excited about a new material object in years! I am on day 3 and the unit is stable, large enough to spread out, and helps me be productive at work all day long -- all while working out. I am easily able to do 5-7 miles per day walking between speeds of 1 and 2. I dont use a pen often (I am primarily typing), but I find it challenging to write when walking at a pace greater than 1.6 or so. I feel generally happier because my endorphins are flying and my productivity at work is extremely high. In addition, even though I am "just walking", i have some of that tightness that occurs when you workout. I love that feeling. Its not pain, just constructive proof that my body is and will respond to this exercise. Anyway, I just had to share my good fortune and say "thanks"to Trekdesk for enabling me to have time for my career, family, and fitness! This simple purchase is making a big difference in my life and in those less fortunate than myself. Big kudos to Trekdesk!
- JW (Dover, NH - Amazon 5 Stars)