I am impressed...I was not sure how I would like the TrekDesk - I heard about the idea about two years ago and have thought about it ever since. Answer? I love it. Before purchasing I saw mostly good but also a few bad review comments - things like that it was not sturdy...? This was from someone who probably didn't put it together right...I am using it right now! I have stuff all over it and am walking at 1.5 miles/hr - it is plenty sturdy. It *is* huge! So, make sure you have room...but if it was smaller I would not be able to use it for my primary desk - I have gained a lot of weight and have gotten very out of shape in the past couple years...so I was not sure if I could even handle walking all day! After the first day I was sore, but I just got back on and have pretty much done it full time since then - I take a break if I have to concentrate really hard for a while on something (usually I just stand on the side bars of the treadmill - I don't actually even get off) but I also take a sitting break if I need it) - but this is rare - most of the day I walk (slowly!) Also... I do stop to eat :) I feel more energetic overall, I sleep better, and feel better all over. So, I know $497 is a lot...and I think it's a market waiting to be tapped into with competition (sorry guys!)... BUT, I also think this is a really great product, I love walking while I work, and definitely recommend it. (If I could complain about anything it is just that the directions to put it together leave something to be desired - it was not hard - just poor directions.)
- JK (Warwick, RI - Amazon 5 Stars)