I started using TrekDesk when I was getting DVTs a LOT, and the blood thinners also caused major trouble. I'd already been hospitalized for multiple pulmonary emboli, too (DVTs, which are blood clots, that went to my lungs). I was in law school and studying or in class all of the time - waaayy too much sitting! I got the TrekDesk as part of my multiprong strategy to wean off blood thinners, as I couldn't handle the side effects from them. I was able to get off of the blood thinners completely - and best of all, I got far better control of the DVTs - and a whole lot sooner than anyone had predicted. I would like to see TrekDesks become widely accepted in the workplace, so everyone can get or stay healthier. I still use my TrekDesk almost everyday and LOVE it. I was able to get more exercise and still have time to study, and graduated law school on time despite the hospitalization. And I continue to use it regularly in my work as a Research Fellow at Boston University. I'd like to find a way to let others get similar benefits for their own health conditions. So many chronic conditions - asthma, diabetes, etc - can probably be helped by walking more at work.
- LM (Email Review)