I have found my TrekDesk to be exactly what I needed: an adequately sized workspace that I could use while I continue to move my body. It took me a couple of hours to assemble, which were made much easier by my having previously read the reviews warning that a power drill is essential for assembly. I quickly moved up to walking 3-6 miles/day, depending on the work I was doing. My computers sit on it, and I find that, in order to work efficiently, I can't walk more than 1.5 mph; above that speed, I personally cannot use a mouse accurately, because my hand vibrates too much -- but that may be just me. And that speed is fine if you're walking as much as I do. I frequently do 6-9 miles/day. It's not beautiful, the height needed to clear your existing treadmill may not be comfortable for you (but the treadmills which have no front superstructure do not have that problem), and it takes up a lot of physical space, but those are all issues you can address in advance of your decision; photos and measurements are available.
- Nancy (Amazon 5 Stars)