I purchased the Trekdesk after searching thru the models available online. I chose Trekdesk because I wanted a large workspace that was not just out in front of me but at my sides. I am very, very happy with the Trekdesk. Set up is a little longer that I had hoped, but really not bad. My 12 year old son and I put it together in about 3 hours. Regarding the wobble of the desk, I do not notice any wobble during it's use. Yes, I can make it wobble if I try, but I do not note it during the day to day use of my desk. I work at a computer all day long for an online college and I must say this is the best thing since sliced bread! I am very happy with this purchase. The only thing I would do different is search for a very quiet treadmill. I did not get to try out treadmills before I purchased and I find mine is a little loud. Other than that I am a happy camper-- or should I say hiker!
- TN (Amazon 5 Stars)