Best thing I ever bought! So all I can say is that even my husband, who hates my spending money, told me several times that this is the best purchase I have ever made. The whole family uses the trek desk. I use it when I work from home, and while you can't really write while walking, typing and taking conference calls is more than doable. I am also more likely to return personal calls because I can walk and talk and not feel like I am not making a good use of my time. My husband uses it when he pays bills, and we all use it when we want a gentle walk while watching TV. You absolutely cannot go above 2 mph while using the desk, so don't think of this as a cardio replacement, but you don't feel like a blob who has been sitting all day at the end of a work day. Wished I worked from home more than 2 days per week, so I could use my trek desk more during the work day, but I truly have enjoyed using it on the days I do work from home and after hours. It is easy to put together--no complaints.
- Jennifer (Massachusetts - Amazon 5 Stars)