I work part time and my entire job involves sitting down at a desk working at a computer. I began to have pretty bad lower back issues after my 2nd child and did not really consider the fact that all the sitting was exasperating this issue. I was also stressed about how the sitting was really aiding in a slow weight gain I was not used to. I am a runner and had always been able to maintain weight through that. However, with my 2nd child things changed. I started to notice a slight weight gain over a years' time. I conceived an idea in my head that I needed to figure out a way to move while I worked. I used to take the dog for a walk while on a conference call but that did not work because there were usually charts accompanying the call or if I had to speak it did not work at all. As I flipped through my Fitness Magazine I came across the change I needed in my life, the TrekDesk. I was thrilled to see a product existed that did just what I wanted and wasn't totally out of my price range. I requested it as my Christmas present in 2010 after my 3rd child. Within 3 months I had lost 5 pounds! The absolutely icing on the cake was that my lower back had never been better. That pain I would wake up with in the morning was gone and I noticed that it wasn't as achy after sitting for a small amount of time as before. I now walk every day I work, and think it is the greatest thing ever. During long conference calls where I dont have to speak I turn the speed up and break a sweat. How great is it to be practicing physical fitness while also getting the job done? Many of my coworkers marvel at what I am doing while I work with them, and often ask for the details so they can research buying one for themselves. Furthermore, those that work in an office are so jealous that it isn't an option for them because not every corporation is willing to open the doors to unorthodox methods. However, according to many articles I'm reading though, I'm sure they'll get there b/c it will benefit them in the long run. I absolutely love this product. Its a life-changer.
- AB (Alabama- Amazon 5 Stars)