I love my Trek Desk. I have always enjoyed moving around more than sitting and had jobs that allowed me to be on my feet all day but when I started my own business I sat way too much and it started getting to me. However, when I first started looking at treadmill desks they were really expensive. Then I found TrekDesk. The desk is super sturdy, big and shaped perfectly. I get so much more done, am highly focused and the best part is that my body doesn’t feel achy from sitting on my butt all day! I am grateful every day that I can work and walk. I love how it is set up. I can have my computer, notebooks and everything I would want on a regular desk right in front me at my fingertips. I love that when I decide to run when I am not working that I don't have to remove the desk. I love that you can adjust the height, how easy it was to assemble and put up and the light color of it.
- MW (Lafayette, CO - Amazon 5 Stars)