As an endurance athlete who works in an office its a great health and cross training option, it makes my perception of being on my feet running through the woods/trails for 30+miles seem easier, considering I am on it 8hrs a day at our studio. Since its walking its great low impact and natural (we are built to walk and run) way to cross train. A normal day for me during the week is-, swim 2.mi before work, cycle commute to work, treadmill desk, run 6.mi along the waterfront, treadmill desk, cycle commute home.Considering I do endurance sports (long distance trail running) weight loss was not my primary reason for getting the treadmill desk, it was more overall health. I have lost weight though. More energy through the day, no lows. No flare ups from my UC along with a better diet the two+ years I have had it. After the first week, I did not notice the treadmill, it just became the norm, I have no seat, I just sit during lunch/after my lunch run. It fits any treadmill, easy to transport, clean, and very sturdy...sometimes I prop myself on the desk to peek over my monitors to chat. Our studio moved recently, I think it was the easiest desk to move, very lightweight. I don't have yearly health goals, just lifetime goals, which include always being active, which seems to reduce my UC flare ups along with a healthy diet. It would be nice to finally get a co-worker to pick one up also, everyone seems to say they want one, but seem to have trouble going forward with it.
- JS (San Leandro, CA - Amazon 5 Stars)