I write at home and wanted an active way to spend my workday. I ordered the treadmill desk because I read clinical trials from MAYO clinic and the Muve website about customer service people walking at 1.5 -2 mph while answering customer calls and working their usually sedentary 8 hour shifts. The May clinic published a study that stated finding that the study subjects were medically and self -report monitored and their cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity went down and self reported alertness and job satisfaction/enjoyment of their jobs went up. I love it and I use it 4-6 hours a day. But here is a challenge, I walk at 3 mph, cuz I am fit and writing about athletics, sports history and fitness. So there ! Desks and sitting suck. America revolt.
- KC (Bryn Mawr, PA - Amazon.com 5 Stars)