When you cross a treadmill with a desk, you get a walking station. These used to be prohibitively expensive, but a company called TrekDesk revolutionized the concept, making a full?service work desk for about $500 that can pair with any treadmill,” stated an editor of USC’s Wellness Department on “Healthy Trojans”. “I am walking while writing this article, and will have walked more than three miles and burned over 400 calories by the time I finish, without breaking a sweat (okay, maybe a little) or taking any extra time out of my day for exercise. I can work at the computer, talk on the phone, and accomplish any task I would normally perform at my desk, all while walking 1.5 miles per hour at 4% incline. The walking station is good for my back, cardiovascular fitness, weight, and morale. Who wouldn’t love a gift that improves health and saves time?
- USC's Wellness Blog (Los Angeles, CA -