Below are some of the benefits that I learned while doing my research on the Trek Desk: Our bodies were designed to spend more time upright on our feet, rather than hours spent at a desk chair. Walking while you work lubricates the hips, knees and ankles, improving joint health While you walk, you pump more blood back to your heart which elevates your mood and increases energy. By contrast, you get none of these benefits from sitting. If you walk while you work, you will lose weight. You'll burn 100 calories for every mile or hour that you walk. This can mean a weight loss of 40 pounds in a year, but many people have lost more than that. The increased activity means that they can achieve this weight loss without changing what they eat. Other important health benefits include a decreased risk for diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. After reading all this, I didn't need any more convincing, but since the average treadmill desk costs around $4000, I had to find an alternative because I just couldn't justify that expense. I also didn't want to build something myself because I had heard horror stories about people's laptops falling onto the treadmill belt and getting destroyed. When I found the trek desk for under $500, I was excited because it offers plenty of desk space for your laptop or monitor, mouse, phone which is mounted to a well-constructed base that is adjustable to different heights. Although the installation instructions weren't as intuitive as I would like, I did manage to put it together myself in less than one hour. Although walking at your desk, does take some getting used to, you walk slow at a rate of 1-2 miles per hour, so it is slow enough that you can write articles, books, code, add pages to your blog, post on social media sites, etc. In other words, walking doesn't adversely affect your concentration. In fact, it actually enhances it. Best of all, after three weeks of walking while I write, I have already lost ten pounds without dieting. (And let me tell you folks, I have never lost that much on any diet I've tried.) In addition, I don't feel exhausted like I used to while sitting at my computer and my neck and shoulder pain is almost gone.
- LR (Online Review)