Desk took about an hour for my husband to assemble with no problems. I've been using this desk about 8 hours a day or more for my remote home office for past 2 weeks and love this desk. I sat for my job in front of the computer for past 6 years and had back/shoulder pain which is all gone now. Desk is adjustable, I'm 5'3" and it's at the lowest setting. I keep my True treadmill at a 5 incline and that is the most comfortable. So much room for my arms/wrists so no issues with carpel tunnel etc. I was worried about the video review by customer showing the desk unstable/shaky but I have mine on carpet and only shakes if I bump into the desk ( which isn't often). Okay, my one caution would be if you are the type of person that has motion sickness like for instance in the car. Can you be a passenger in the car and read a paper/magazine? if not without getting motion sick then I'm not sure if this desk would work except if you wanted it to use just for standing. If I put up the speed way up on treadmill and actually trying to read, type and walk my eyes jump which you can only do so long or it will make you dizzy. I average 4 miles a day in a 8 hour workday walking not even a 1mph and burn 800+ calories a day. I'm easing into increasing the speed due to only been using for 2 weeks. Very happy girl going to work each day!!!
- NG (South Carolina -Amazon Review 5 Stars)