After 30 days using the TrekDesk, I’ve walked 175 miles instead of sitting slumped in a chair while doing my computer work and watching TV. Walking 1.5-2mph, I have no problems typing (in fact I’m walking right now, 1.8mph). I’ve already dropped 5 pounds, lowered my blood pressure, get to sleep earlier, and just feel better all around! The TrekDesk itself is excellent — assembly was easy if you’re just slightly handy with tools. The desk is sturdy, current holding my 27? iMac plus a 20? monitor for my PC, and all the other doodads I need for business, plus plenty of room for paperwork, and of course my drink goes in the included cup holders. Highly recommended! Amazing to think about — assuming I keep up the same pace of 175 miles per month, I’ll walk over 2,000 miles per year while doing my computer work — instead of sitting in a chair!
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