The restorative powers of moderate exercise such as walking are becoming more evident among heart patients.

Congestive heart failure impairs patients to as much as 1/3 their normal blood flow volume. Cardiac rehabilitation was considered far too risky since many patients had heart muscles which were too weak and thin walled.


Heart Attack Ahead Sign

One recent study has shown that after a two month program of daily walks and regular 45 minute sessions on a stationary bike, significant heart health improvements were achieved.

The study conducted by Jonathan Myers of Stanford University found that the subjects actually increased their exercise capacity by 26%. The sedentary control group showed no gains during this time frame.

Again, we caution anyone with heart conditions to consult with a physician before using a TrekDesk treadmill desk during their daily activities but it is encouraging to note the potential benefits of walking while working with a treadmill desk on heart health.