Numerous warnings and studies have surfaced this year regarding the link between sedentary office environments and increases in heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and premature mortality.

The National Institutes of Health published the results of another recent study out of the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research that specifically links sedentary work with an increased risk of colorectal cancers. The Australian researchers compared data from 918 colon cancer patients and 1,021 controls from 2005 to 2007 ranking occupations on a physical activity gradient.

The risk of colon cancer increased by 200% along with a 44% increase in rectal cancers among study participants who had sedentary occupations for a period of ten years or more above levels of participants who were active during their careers. Occupations engaging in heavy physical activity resulted in 44% reduction in the risk of colon cancer versus light-activity workers.

Notably, the researchers reported that these results have occupational health implications.