According to the American Cancer Society, a study conducted in Germany may illustrate the restorative powers of walking for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

We want to emphasize that you will need to consult with your physician before starting such a program and to ask specifically about the use of a treadmill desk, but the findings of this study were astounding.

For 7 weeks cancer patients were placed on a highly supervised moderate treadmill regimen. The control group was tested in the beginning along with the exercise group and all started with measured capacity for exercise. At the end of the study, those patients in the exercise group illustrated significantly higher amounts of hemoglobin in their blood which is indicative of an increased capacity for oxygen dissemination throughout the body. This would have a tremendous impact on their strength and stamina.

Most patients undergoing chemotherapy report that the treatment saps both their strength and energy, however this study may show that the detrimental effects can be mitigated through walking or moderate exercise.

Treadmill desks help alleviate the boredom individuals experience on treadmill by allowing them to engage in other tasks while they are walking.