Summary:  This may sound like hype but a recent study conducted by the National Health Research Institutes of Taiwan has discovered that 15 minutes of moderate exercise daily extends lifespan by as much as three years. TrekDesk treadmill desks allow individuals the opportunity to exercise at a moderate level the entire day without leaving their desk.

Workout at Work: Live Longer


Workout at Work: Best Insurance for a Long Life

Dr. Chi-Pang Wen of the National Health Research Institutes of Taiwan reported recently that as little as 15 minutes of moderate physical activity, such as walking, increased an individual’s lifespan by 3 years and decreased their risk of mortality from all causes by 4% for each additional 15 minute increment of activity. The challenge, say researchers, is motivating individuals to change sedentary habits and work environments. TrekDesk Treadmill Desks offer a unique solution to this challenge.

 The study involved 416,175 individuals over an average period of eight years. Study participants completed medical history/lifestyle questionnaires and were analyzed for a myriad of health factors including smoking, cancer, cholesterol levels, and hypertension.

The study found that those individuals engaged in moderate exercise, such as walking, had lower death rates than inactive individuals regardless of age, gender, heart health, even tobacco and alcohol consumption levels. As little as 15 minutes of moderate exercise daily translated into a lifetime extension which averaged three years.

Our Surgeon General recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise weekly, which is too low,in our opinion. A third of American adults meet this guideline. Is it a surprise that the other 70% that don’t also comprise the same percentage of adults that are overweight in this country? What is surprising is that only 20% of adults in China, Taiwan and China meet this guideline. That is why we are seeing a global rise in obesity and related diseases. Inactivity is the world wide public enemy number one.